1. 01 Mar, 2018 1 commit
  2. 27 Feb, 2018 8 commits
  3. 26 Feb, 2018 2 commits
  4. 25 Feb, 2018 6 commits
  5. 24 Feb, 2018 1 commit
    • Andrey Mokhov's avatar
      Update Hadrian submodule · bf3f0a68
      Andrey Mokhov authored
        * Make shell.nix less broken (hadrian/510)
        * Add --configure flag to the script
        * Undo iserv changes (hadrian/507)
        * Fix ghc-cabal: Parsec modules are now found in libraries/parsec/src (hadrian/506)
        * Move a bunch of types into dedicated modules (hadrian/502)
        * Add --quickjump to Haddock (hadrian/505)
        * Add iserv library (hadrian/504)
        * Merge pull request hadrian/503 from snowleopard/angerman-patch-1
        * Merge pull request hadrian/500 from snowleopard/runtime-deps
        * Fix Hadrian after Cabal changes (hadrian/498)
        * Drop custom logic for Scav_thr and Evac_thr (hadrian/497)
        * Fix Haddock (hadrian/496)
  6. 22 Feb, 2018 1 commit
  7. 21 Feb, 2018 2 commits
  8. 20 Feb, 2018 7 commits
    • Ben Gamari's avatar
      Revert "Move `iserv` into `utils` and change package name · abfe1048
      Ben Gamari authored
      See Phab:D4377 for the rationale. We will try this again.
      This reverts commit 7c173b90.
    • Ryan Scott's avatar
      Slight refactor of stock deriving internals · f4336593
      Ryan Scott authored
      Before, the `hasStockDeriving` function, which determines
      how derived bindings should be generated for stock classes, was
      awkwardly separated from the `checkSideConditions` function, which
      checks invariants of the same classes that `hasStockDeriving` does.
      As a result, there was a fair deal of hoopla needed to actually use
      But this hoopla really isn't required—we should be using
      `hasStockDeriving` from within `checkSideConditions`, since they're
      looking up information about the same classes! By doing this, we can
      eliminate some kludgy code in the form of `mk_eqn_stock'`, which had
      an unreachable `pprPanic` that was stinking up the place.
      Reviewers: bgamari, dfeuer
      Reviewed By: bgamari
      Subscribers: dfeuer, rwbarton, thomie, carter
      GHC Trac Issues: #13154
      Differential Revision: https://phabricator.haskell.org/D4370
    • Ryan Scott's avatar
      Add ghc-prim.buildinfo to .gitignore · f511bb58
      Ryan Scott authored
    • Ben Gamari's avatar
      circleci: Skip performance tests · 81a5e05d
      Ben Gamari authored
      Once we finally get the automation for #12758 we can re-enable these.
    • David Feuer's avatar
      Document missing dataToTag# . tagToEnum# rule · 517c1940
      David Feuer authored
      Explain why we don't have a rule to optimize `dataToTag# (tagToEnum# x)`
      to `x`.
      [skip ci]
      Reviewers: bgamari
      Reviewed By: bgamari
      Subscribers: rwbarton, thomie, carter
      GHC Trac Issues: #14282
      Differential Revision: https://phabricator.haskell.org/D4375
    • Tamar Christina's avatar
      Change how includes for input file directory works · eb2daa2b
      Tamar Christina authored
      GHC Used to only allow for one include mode, namely `-I`.  The problem
      with `-I` includes is that it supercedes all other includes, including
      the system include paths.
      This is not a problem for paths requested by the user, but it is a
      problem for the ones we implicitly derive and add.
      In particular we add the source directory of the input file to the
      include path. This is problematic because it causes any file with the
      name of a system include, to inadvertently loop as the wrong file gets
      Since this is an implicitly include, and as far as I can tell, only done
      so local includes are found (as the sources given to GCC reside in a
      temp folder) then switch from `-I` to `-iquote`.
      This requires a submodule update for haddock
      Test Plan: ./validate
      Reviewers: austin, bgamari, hvr
      Reviewed By: bgamari
      Subscribers: carter, rwbarton, thomie
      GHC Trac Issues: #14312
      Differential Revision: https://phabricator.haskell.org/D4080
    • Ben Gamari's avatar
      testsuite: Bump allocations for T1969 and T5837 · 71294f30
      Ben Gamari authored
      Sadly it's not immediately obvious where this regression came from:
       * T5837 started failing on OS X with 0c2350c2
       * It's not clear when T1969 started failing due to the recent out of memory
         issues on Harbormaster
  9. 19 Feb, 2018 10 commits
  10. 18 Feb, 2018 2 commits
    • Ryan Scott's avatar
      Rename the types in a GADT constructor in toposorted order · 043466b9
      Ryan Scott authored
      Previously, we were extracting the free variables from a
      GADT constructor in an incorrect order, which caused the type
      variables for the constructor's type signature to end up in
      non-toposorted order. Thankfully, rearranging the order of types
      during renaming makes swift work of this bug.
      This fixes a regression introduced in commit
      For whatever reason, that commit also commented out a
      significant portion of the `T13123` test. This code appears
      to work, so I've opted to uncomment it.
      Test Plan: make test TEST=T14808
      Reviewers: simonpj, bgamari
      Reviewed By: bgamari
      Subscribers: rwbarton, thomie, carter
      GHC Trac Issues: #14808
      Differential Revision: https://phabricator.haskell.org/D4413
    • Ömer Sinan Ağacan's avatar
      StgLint overhaul · 7f389a58
      Ömer Sinan Ağacan authored
      - Remove all type checks
      - Check two STG invariants (no unboxed let bindings, variables defined
        before used) and post-unarisation invariants.
      See the module header and #14787.
      This version validates with `-dstg-lint` added to `GhcStage2HcOpts` and
      `GhcLibHcOpts` and `EXTRA_HC_OPTS`.
      Unarise changes:
      - `unariseConArgBinder` and `unariseFunArgBinder` functions were almost
        the same; only difference was when unarising fun args we keep void
        args while in con args we drop them. A new function `unariseArgBinder`
        added with a `Bool` argument for whether we're unarising a con arg.
        `unariseConArgBinder` and `unariseFunArgBinder` are now defined as
            unariseConArgBinder = unarsieArgBinder True  -- data con
            unariseFunArgBinder = unariseArgBinder False -- not data con
      - A bug in `unariseConArgBinder` and `unariseFunArgBinder` (which are
        just calls to `unariseArgBinder` now) that invalidated the
        post-unarise invariants when the argument has single type rep (i.e.
        `length (typePrimRep x) == 1`) fixed. This isn't a correctness issue
        (it's fine not to unarise if a variable is already represented as
        single value), but it triggers StgLint.
      Test Plan:
      - Pass testsuite with `-dstg-lint` [done]
      - Boot stage2 (including libraries) with `-dstg-lint` [done]
      Reviewers: simonpj, bgamari
      Reviewed By: bgamari
      Subscribers: duog, rwbarton, thomie, carter
      GHC Trac Issues: #14787
      Differential Revision: https://phabricator.haskell.org/D4404