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      :stepover ---> :steplocal, :stepmodule · 3240dc3b
      mnislaih authored
       :stepover is declared a failed experiment. 
      :steplocal steps only on ticks contained in the current
      top level declaration. 
      :stepmodule steps only on ticks contained on the current
      The current top level declaration and module are with
       respect to the breakpoint we are stopped on.
       The main reason for the failure of :stepover
      (apart from lacking a lexical call stack of course)
      is that it fails to detect when the expression being 
      evaluated is "complete", i.e. there are no ticks left in it.
      My assumption of the rightmost tick as the "last one",
      signaling that the expression is completely evaluated,
      is not true at all under laziness. 
      This assumption was key in the implementation of :stepover.
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      Use a version of obtainTerm that takes a max depth bound · a27d12f0
      mnislaih authored
      when printing the contents of binding at a breakpoint
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  14. 26 Aug, 2007 2 commits
  15. 24 Aug, 2007 1 commit
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      A partial attempt to improve :stepover · 99794f66
      mnislaih authored
        With this patch, :stepover can effectively appear to step over recursive calls and 
        calls to locally bound functions (in a where clause).
        However, when we run out of ticks in the current expression, 
        the illusion vanishes and laziness brings us to the body of the last function 
        we "stepped over". 
        This is not desired at all, it is potentially very confusing.
        As a countermeasure, when this happens :stepover emits a warning
           "Warning: no more breakpoints in this function body, switching to :step"  
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      convert to use System.FilePath · fa6c4bf0
      Simon Marlow authored
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      Refactoring only: remove [Id] field from ForeignStubs · 663b3914
      Simon Marlow authored
      We used to pass the list of top-level foreign exported bindings to the
      code generator so that it could create StablePtrs for them in the
      stginit code.  Now we don't use stginit unless profiling, and the
      StablePtrs are generated by C functions marked with
      attribute((constructor)).  This patch removes various bits associated
      with the old way of doing things, which were previously left in place
      in case we wanted to switch back, I presume.  Also I refactored
      dsForeigns to clean it up a bit.