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      A new :stepover command for the debugger · fcd7ba21
      mnislaih authored
        Step from statement to statement without leaving the block. 
        Tries to do the sensible thing when used on expressions.
            The idea is to:
            1 - Step to the next breakpoint and examine the srcloc
            2 - If it is contained in the same statement block as we were, 
                then stop and give control to the user, 
              else continue to the next breakpoint
            3 - Repeat from 1. If we reach the end of the statement block,
                i.e. no more ticks in this expression after the current one, 
                then step normally.
        Replace statement block with 'declaration block' (of an expression) in the
        pseudo algo. above.
        Let's see how well this idea works in practice...
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      Functor instance for the GHCi monad · ae460dc3
      mnislaih authored
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      Fix build with external gmp library. · 24311993
      gwright@antiope.com authored
      ghc fails to build if you use an external gmp library. This is because
      ghc requires the header file gmp.h, which used to be provided by the
      internal gmp source code.  The file gmp.h is no longer part of the
      gmp source code, but is generated as part of the build procedure.
      If an external gmp is specified, the internal gmp is not build and the
      gmp.h file never gets generated.
      Of course, it was a bad idea anyway to use a header file from a potentially
      different version of the library.
      The patch sets HAVE_LIB_GMP if the gmp library is found during configuration
      and conditionalizes including the library header file on it.