1. 01 Nov, 2019 10 commits
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      base: Ensure that failIO isn't SOURCE imported · 51067194
      Ben Gamari authored
      failIO has useful information in its demand signature (specifically that
      it bottoms) which is hidden if it is SOURCE imported, as noted
      in #16588. Rejigger things such that we don't SOURCE import it.
      Metric Increase:
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      Fix a bad error in tcMatchTy · 1e2e82aa
      Simon Peyton Jones authored
      This patch fixes #17395, a very subtle and hard-to-trigger
      bug in tcMatchTy.  It's all explained in
        Note [Matching in the presence of casts (2)]
      I have not added a regression test because it is very hard
      to trigger it, until we have the upcoming mkAppTyM patch,
      after which lacking this patch means you can't even compile
      the libraries.
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      Add another test for #17267 · d2471964
      Simon Peyton Jones authored
      This one came in a comment from James Payor
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      Makes Lint less chatty: · 35c99e72
      Simon Peyton Jones authored
      I found in #17415 that Lint was printing out truly gigantic
      warnings, unmanageably huge, with repeated copies of the
      same thing.
      This patch makes Lint less chatty, especially for warnings:
      * For **warnings**, I don't print details of the location,
        unless you add `-dppr-debug`.
      * For **errors**, I still print all the info. They are fatal
        and stop exection, whereas warnings appear repeatedly.
      * I've made much less use of `AnExpr` in `LintLocInfo`;
        the expression can be gigantic.
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      rts: Make m32 allocator per-ObjectCode · c6759080
      Ben Gamari authored
      MacOS Catalina is finally going to force our hand in forbidden writable
      exeutable mappings. Unfortunately, this is quite incompatible with the
      current global m32 allocator, which mixes symbols from various objects
      in a single page. The problem here is that some of these symbols may not
      yet be resolved (e.g. had relocations performed) as this happens lazily
      (and therefore we can't yet make the section read-only and therefore
      The easiest way around this is to simply create one m32 allocator per
      ObjectCode. This may slightly increase fragmentation for short-running
      programs but I suspect will actually improve fragmentation for programs
      doing lots of loading/unloading since we can always free all of the
      pages allocated to an object when it is unloaded (although this ability
      will only be implemented in a later patch).
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      mmap: Factor out protection flags · 70b62c97
      Ben Gamari authored
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      Fix running of ratio test case · 214d8122
      taylorfausak authored
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      Add tests for rounding ratios · baf47ff8
      taylorfausak authored
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      Fix rounding around 0 · 3932fb97
      taylorfausak authored
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