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    • Herbert Valerio Riedel's avatar
      Bump `base` version to for real · c6f502b2
      Herbert Valerio Riedel authored
      This commit updates several submodules in order to bump
      the upper bounds on `base` of most boot packages
      Moreover, this updates some of the test-suite cases which have
      version numbers hardcoded within.
      However, I'm not sure if this commit didn't introduce the following
      two test-failures
         ghc-api  T8628 [bad stdout] (normal)
         ghc-api  T8639_api [bad stdout] (normal)
      This needs investigation
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    • Edward Z. Yang's avatar
      Do not zero out version number when processing wired-in packages. · 22520cd7
      Edward Z. Yang authored
      Previously, GHC would look for instances of wired-in packages in the
      in-memory package database and null out the version number.  This was
      necessary when the sourcePackageId was used to determine the linker
      symbols; however, we now use a package key, so only that needs to be
      Long-term, we can remove this hack by ensuring that Cabal actually records
      the proper package key in the database.  This will also fix an unrelated
      hack elsewhere.
      Keeping version numbers means that wired in packages get rendered differently
      when output by GHC.  This is the source of all the test-case output changes.
      Signed-off-by: default avatarEdward Z. Yang <ezyang@cs.stanford.edu>
      Test Plan: validate
      Reviewers: hvr, austin
      Subscribers: simonmar, ezyang, carter
      Differential Revision: https://phabricator.haskell.org/D170
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  9. 31 Jul, 2014 1 commit
    • Simon Peyton Jones's avatar
      Complete work on new OVERLAPPABLE/OVERLAPPING pragmas (Trac #9242) · 1ae5fa45
      Simon Peyton Jones authored
      * Deprecate -XOverlappingInstances
      * Update test suite.  Several tests even had entirely unnecessary
        uses of -XOverlappingInstances
      * Update user manual with a careful description of the instance
        resolution story
      * Fix an outright bug in the handling of duplidate instances in GHCi,
        which are meant to silently overwrite the earlier duplicate. The
        logic was right for family instances but was both more complicated,
        and plain wrong, for class instances.  (If you are interested, the
        bug was that we were eliminating the duplicate from the InstEnv, but
        not from the [ClsInst] held in tcg_insts.)  Test is ghci044a.
  10. 18 Jul, 2014 1 commit
    • Simon Peyton Jones's avatar
      Further improvements to floating equalities · 4b3df0bb
      Simon Peyton Jones authored
      This equality-floating stuff is horribly delicate!  Trac #9316 showed
      up yet another corner case.
      The main changes are
       * include CTyVarEqs when "growing" the skolem set
       * do not include the kind argument to (~) when growing the skolem set
      I added a lot more comments as well
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    • Simon Peyton Jones's avatar
      Do pretty-printing of TyThings via IfaceDecl (Trac #7730) · b4856f9f
      Simon Peyton Jones authored
      All the initial work on this was done fy 'archblob' (fcsernik@gmail.com);
      thank you!
      I reviewed the patch, started some tidying, up and then ended up in a huge
      swamp of changes, not all of which I can remember now.  But:
      * To suppress kind arguments when we have -fno-print-explicit-kinds,
          - IfaceTyConApp argument types are in a tagged list IfaceTcArgs
      * To allow overloaded types to be printed with =>, add IfaceDFunTy to IfaceType.
      * When printing data/type family instances for the user, I've made them
        print out an informative RHS, which is a new feature. Thus
              ghci> info T
              data family T a
              data instance T Int = T1 Int Int
              data instance T Bool = T2
      * In implementation terms, pprIfaceDecl has just one "context" argument,
        of type IfaceSyn.ShowSub, which says
             - How to print the binders of the decl
               see note [Printing IfaceDecl binders] in IfaceSyn
             - Which sub-comoponents (eg constructors) to print
      * Moved FastStringEnv from RnEnv to OccName
      It all took a ridiculously long time to do.  But it's done!
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    • Simon Peyton Jones's avatar
      Fix egregious blunder in the type flattener · b8132a9d
      Simon Peyton Jones authored
      In tidying up the flattener I introduced an error that no
      regression test caught, giving rise to Trac #8978, #8979.
      It shows up if you have a type synonym whose RHS mentions
      type functions, such sas
           type family F a
           type T a = (F a, a)   -- This synonym isn't properly flattened
      The fix is easy, but sadly the bug is in the released GHC 7.8.1
  15. 24 Mar, 2014 1 commit
    • Simon Peyton Jones's avatar
      Flattener preserves synonyms, rewriteEvidence can drop buggy "optimisation" · 6ae678e3
      Simon Peyton Jones authored
      There was a special case in rewriteEvidence, looking like:
        = return (Just (if ctEvPred old_ev `tcEqType` new_pred
                        then old_ev
                        else old_ev { ctev_pred = new_pred }))
      But this was wrong: old_pred and new_pred might differ in the kind
      of a TyVar occurrence, in which case tcEqType would not notice,
      but we really, really want new_pred.  This caused Trac #8913.
      I solved this by dropping the whole test, and instead making
      the flattener preserve type synonyms. This was easy because
      TcEvidence has TcTyConAppCo which (unlike) Coercion, handles
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    • Simon Peyton Jones's avatar
      Error message wibbles · 9ca4a73d
      Simon Peyton Jones authored
      Almost all are re-orderings of relevant-binding output
             Relevant bindings include
        +      m :: Map (a, b) elt (bound at T3169.hs:12:17)
        +      b :: b (bound at T3169.hs:12:13)
               lookup :: (a, b) -> Map (a, b) elt -> Maybe elt
                 (bound at T3169.hs:12:3)
        -      b :: b (bound at T3169.hs:12:13)
        -      m :: Map (a, b) elt (bound at T3169.hs:12:17)
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