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      FIX #1838, #1987: change where GHCi searches for config files · f6efe0c7
      Simon Marlow authored
      6.6 behaviour:
        - ./.ghci
        - $HOME/.ghci
      6.8.[12] behaviour:
        - ./.ghci
        - Windows: c:/Documents and Settings/<user>/.ghci
        - Unix: $HOME/.ghci
      6.10 (and 6.8.3 when this is merged):
        - ./.ghci
        - Windows: c:/Documents and Settings/<user>/Application Data/ghc/ghci.conf
        - Unix: $HOME/.ghc/ghci.conf
        - $HOME/.ghci
      We will need to document this in the 6.8.3 release notes because it
      may affect Windows users who have adapted their setup to 6.8.[12].
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      FIX #2049, another problem with the module context on :reload · eea143f8
      Simon Marlow authored
      The previous attempt to fix this (#1873, #1360) left a problem that
      occurred when the first :load of the program failed (#2049).  
      Now I've implemented a different strategy: between :loads, we remember
      all the :module commands, and just replay them after a :reload.  This
      is in addition to remembering all the package modules added with
      :module, which is orthogonal.
      This approach is simpler than the previous one, and seems to do the
      right thing in all the cases I could think of.  Let's hope this is the
      last bug in this series...
    • Ian Lynagh's avatar
      Fix exception message with ghc -e · 00fc612d
      Ian Lynagh authored
      When running with ghc -e, exceptions should claim to be from the program
      that we are running, not ghc.
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      MERGED: Make ":" in GHCi repeat the last command · d2b3daa3
      Ian Lynagh authored
      Ian Lynagh <igloo@earth.li>**20071124231857
       It used to be a synonym for ":r" in 6.6.1, but this wasn't documented or
       known about by the developers. In 6.8.1 it was accidentally broken.
       This patch brings it back, but as "repeat the last command", similar to
       pressing enter in gdb. This is almost as good for people who want it to
       reload, and means that it can also be used to repeat commands like :step.
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    • Simon Marlow's avatar
      Attempt at fixing #1873, #1360 · 037aa382
      Simon Marlow authored
      I think I figured out a reasonable way to manage the GHCi context,
      comments welcome.
      Rule 1: external package modules in the context are persistent.  That
      is, when you say 'import Data.Maybe' it survives over :load, :add,
      :reload and :cd.
      Rule 2: :load and :add remove all home-package modules from the
      context and add the rightmost target, as a *-module if possible.  This
      is as before, and makes sense for :load because we're starting a new
      program; the old home-package modules don't make sense any more.  For
      :add, it usually does what you want, because the new target will
      become the context.
      Rule 3: any modules from the context that fail to load during a
      :reload are remembered, and re-added to the context at the next
      successful :reload.
      Claus' suggestion about adding the "remembered" modules to the prompt
      prefixed with a ! is implemented but commented out.  I couldn't
      decide whether it was useful or confusing.
      One difference that people might notice is that after a :reload where
      there were errors, GHCi would previously dump you in the most recent
      module that it loaded.  Now it dumps you in whatever subset of the
      current context still makes sense, and in the common case that will
      probably be {Prelude}.
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    • mnislaih's avatar
      GHCi debugger: added a new flag, -fno-print-binding-contents · 7bd518dd
      mnislaih authored
      The contents of bindings show at breakpoints and by :show bindings
      is rendered using the same printer that :print uses.
      But sometimes the output it gives spans over too many lines and the
      user may want to be able to disable it.
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    • Simon Marlow's avatar
      FIX BUILD · 427f3443
      Simon Marlow authored
      Sorry, should have pushed with previous batch of changes.
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    • Simon Marlow's avatar
      FIX #1765, #1766 · da4dda13
      Simon Marlow authored
      - :def! now overwrites a previous command with the same name
      - :def on its own lists the defined macros
      - ":undef f g" undefines both f and g
    • Simon Marlow's avatar
      #1617: Add :browse! and various other additions to GHCi · 806ab633
      Simon Marlow authored
        - :browse!
          a variant of :browse that lists children separately,
          not in context, and gives import qualifiers in comments
      SimonM: I also added sorting by source location for interpreted
      modules in :browse, and alphabetic sorting by name otherwise.  For
      :browse *M, the locally-defined names come before the external ones.
        - :{ ..lines.. :} (multiline commands)
          allow existing commands to be spread over multiple lines
          to improve readability, both interactively and in .ghci
          (includes a refactoring that unifies the previous three
          command loops into one, runCommands, fed from cmdqueue,
          file, or readline)
        - :set
            now shows GHCi-specific flag settings (printing/
            debugger), as well as non-language dynamic flag 
          :show languages
            show active language flags
          :show packages
            show active package flags as well as implicitly 
            loaded packages
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