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      [project @ 2001-09-07 13:00:51 by rrt] · c9cb517c
      rrt authored
      Test-suite titivation
      This commit achieves several glorious goals and adds many frivolous
          * Makes the test driver work on Windows (use bash for system calls)
          * Adds -Di386_unknown_mingw32 to CPP_OPTS so that Win-specific code is
            compiled properly
          * Adds the ability to have platform-specific test results (by setting
            the new $platform variable to config.mk's TARGETPLATFORM)
          * Fixes several tests to work on Windows, mostly by adding platform-
            specific result files.
          * Pipes all stderr files through normalise_errmsg, which itself is
            improved to handle .exe at the end of filenames, and backslashes.
          * Allows stdout output to be piped through normalise_errmsg; useful in
            the rare cases where output includes filenames.
          * Comprehensively breaks the testsuite on all other platforms (with any
          * Splundig vur thrig, earthlets!
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      [project @ 2001-06-21 16:21:48 by sewardj] · 8fe8aed2
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      Further adventures to do with approximate matching of compiler error
      messages.  Use the new pipe facility in the test driver to normalise
      error messages before comparison, by piping them through new program
      normalise_errmsg.  This avoids various kinds of tiresome comparison
      failures to do with capitalisation, whitespace changes, and path