1. 06 Nov, 2016 6 commits
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      Fix broken validate build. · 7d988dd4
      Tamar Christina authored
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      Some minor linker cleanups. · 1964d869
      Tamar Christina authored
      Just some cleanups to some oddities I've noticed
      while investigating a linker issue.
      Particularly the dll name returned by `findSysDll`
      was decorated. So foo.dll is returned. We make it
      `foo.dll.dll` and later drop one `.dll` when passed to
      `addDll` which expects it without extension, but still
      tries the name *as is* which is why it worked.
      This should be slightly faster, since we don't try 4 loads
      before we succeed.
      Test Plan: ./validate
      Reviewers: austin, hvr, erikd, simonmar, bgamari
      Reviewed By: bgamari
      Subscribers: thomie, #ghc_windows_task_force
      Differential Revision: https://phabricator.haskell.org/D2680
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      Describe symptoms of (and the cure for) #12768 in 8.0.2 release notes · ead83db8
      Ryan Scott authored
      GHC 8.0.2 introduced a bugfix involving GeneralizedNewtypeDeriving in
      96d45145. This made typechecking of
      GND-produced code a bit stricter, and an unfortunate side effect of this was
      that there were a couple of corner-case programs that stopped compiling
      when transitioning from GHC 8.0.1 to 8.0.2.
      Since the number of affected programs seems quite small, and since the fix
      is so straightforward, we opt to simply note this discrepancy in the 8.0.2
      release notes.
      Resolves #12768.
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      Allow GeneralizedNewtypeDeriving for classes with associated type families · 630d8817
      Ryan Scott authored
      This implements the ability to derive associated type family instances
      for newtypes automatically using `GeneralizedNewtypeDeriving`. Refer to the
      users' guide additions for how this works; I essentially follow the pattern
      laid out in https://ghc.haskell.org/trac/ghc/ticket/8165#comment:18.
      Fixes #2721 and #8165.
      Test Plan: ./validate
      Reviewers: simonpj, goldfire, austin, bgamari
      Reviewed By: simonpj
      Subscribers: mpickering, thomie
      Differential Revision: https://phabricator.haskell.org/D2636
      GHC Trac Issues: #2721, #8165
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      Add tracing infrastructure to pattern match checker · 25c8e80e
      Matthew Pickering authored
      This is the start of some tracing infrastructure which I found useful
      when working through how the pattern match checker worked.
      It adds the flag -ddump-ec-trace in order to turn on the trace.
      Reviewers: austin, bgamari
      Reviewed By: bgamari
      Subscribers: thomie
      Differential Revision: https://phabricator.haskell.org/D2658
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      Stop -dno-debug-output suppressing -ddump-tc-trace · 1c886ead
      Matthew Pickering authored
      The user manual states that -dno-debug-output should suppress
      *unsolicited* debugging output which essentially amounts to calls
      to `pprTrace`. Before I unified the interface of `traceTc` and
      `traceRn`, the flag suppressed calls to `traceTc` but not to `traceRn`
      or any other tracing function already controlled by a flag.
      Thus, in order to make the behaviour more uniform, it seemed best to
      remove this one special case.
      Reviewers: austin, bgamari
      Reviewed By: bgamari
      Subscribers: thomie
      Differential Revision: https://phabricator.haskell.org/D2628
      GHC Trac Issues: #12691
  2. 05 Nov, 2016 2 commits
  3. 04 Nov, 2016 3 commits
  4. 03 Nov, 2016 5 commits
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      Omit unnecessary linker flags · a977c965
      Simon Marlow authored
      This omits -L and -l flags from the linker command line that shouldn't
      be necessary because GHC will already add them via the -package-id
      flags we pass.
      This also reverts part of 90538d86
      that rearranges the linker command line and causes some knock-on
      problems (see D2618).
      Test Plan: validate (need to validate on Windows too)
      Reviewers: Phyx, bgamari, niteria, austin, erikd
      Subscribers: thomie
      Differential Revision: https://phabricator.haskell.org/D2639
      GHC Trac Issues: #12738
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      API Annotations: make all ModuleName Located · f46bfeb8
      Alan Zimmerman authored
      This also changes the backpack Renaming type to use a Maybe for the
      renameTo field, to more accurately reflect the parsed source.
      Updates haddock submodule to match AST changes
      Test Plan: ./validate
      Reviewers: ezyang, bgamari, austin
      Reviewed By: bgamari
      Subscribers: thomie, mpickering
      Differential Revision: https://phabricator.haskell.org/D2670
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      Add test for #12788 · ec22bacd
      Ryan Scott authored
      Commit bce99086 (#12584) fixed #12788. Let's
      add a test to make sure it stays fixed.
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      testsuite: Update T10858 allocations · eaa34823
      Ben Gamari authored
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      Merge cpe_ExprIsTrivial and exprIsTrivial · 967dd5c9
      Ben Gamari authored
      Strangely my previous attempts at resolving this all seemed to end in
      perplexing segmentation faults in the GHC testsuite (including some
      rather recent attempts). Somehow this attempt miraculously works.
      However, there was one wrinkle that I still need to work out fully: we
      need to consider Lits as non-trivial in cpeArg. Failure to do this means
      that we would transform something like,
          $trModule = TrModule "HelloWorld"#
          $trModule = case "HelloWorld"# of x { __DEFAULT -> TrModule x }
      Which then fails the consistentStgInfo check in CoreToStg for reasons
      that I am still trying to work out.
      Mark T12757 as fixed
      Reviewers: simonmar, simonpj, austin
      Reviewed By: simonpj
      Subscribers: thomie
      Differential Revision: https://phabricator.haskell.org/D2666
      GHC Trac Issues: #11158
  5. 02 Nov, 2016 20 commits
  6. 01 Nov, 2016 2 commits
  7. 31 Oct, 2016 2 commits
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      Align GHCi's library search order more closely with LDs · 795be0ea
      Tamar Christina authored
      Given a static library and an import library in the same folder. e.g.
      running `ghci -lfoo` we should prefer the import library `libfoo.dll.a`
      over `libfoo.a` because we prefer having to just load the DLL.
      And not having to do any linking.
      This also more closely emulated the behaviour of LD, which has a search order of
      cygxxx.dll (*)
      Test Plan: ./validate
      Reviewers: RyanGlScott, austin, hvr, bgamari, erikd, simonmar
      Reviewed By: RyanGlScott
      Subscribers: thomie, #ghc_windows_task_force
      Differential Revision: https://phabricator.haskell.org/D2651
      GHC Trac Issues: #12771
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      Typos in comments · 80d4a033
      Gabor Greif authored