1. 04 Jul, 2006 1 commit
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      x86-64: fix a problem exposed by negative offsets in vector tables · 1bda00ba
      Simon Marlow authored
      static relative offsets (eg .long l1-l2) are restricted to 32 bits on
      x86-64 due to lack of support in the linker.  The codegen, NCG and
      runtime work around this, using 32-bit offsets instead of 64.
      However, we were missing a workaround for vector tables, and it
      happened to work by accident because the offsets were always positive
      and resolved by the assembler.  The bug was exposed by using the NCG
      to compile the RTS, where the offsets became negative, again by
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      Reorganisation of the source tree · 0065d5ab
      Simon Marlow authored
      Most of the other users of the fptools build system have migrated to
      Cabal, and with the move to darcs we can now flatten the source tree
      without losing history, so here goes.
      The main change is that the ghc/ subdir is gone, and most of what it
      contained is now at the top level.  The build system now makes no
      pretense at being multi-project, it is just the GHC build system.
      No doubt this will break many things, and there will be a period of
      instability while we fix the dependencies.  A straightforward build
      should work, but I haven't yet fixed binary/source distributions.
      Changes to the Building Guide will follow, too.