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    • brianlsmith's avatar
      Allow testsuite to run under MSYS/MinGW using native Python (not Cygwin Python). · e1bdf63f
      brianlsmith authored
      This patch is based on a similar one "Enable timeout in Windows
      and don't require cygwin python" by Esa Ilari Vuokko. It seems
      like timeout is always built on Windows so I rearranged the logic
      there to make the code clearer, Esa's patch required the user to
      uncomment the MinGW-specific logic in order for it to work; this
      patch does not have the MinGW-specific logic commented out.
      I tested this on the trunk in Ubuntu 6.06 on i686 (VMWare).
      I tested this on the trunk and ghc-6.6 branch on Windows i686.
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    • Ian Lynagh's avatar
      Allow threading to be completely disabled with USETHREADS=0 · 33b3f651
      Ian Lynagh authored
      I had to pull the global classes and instances out into their own module
      as there was a catch-22: testlib needed to know if threading was enabled,
      but we don't know that until we have gone through the argument, but going
      through the arguments required changing things like config in testlib.
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      Clean .hp files · a67606ed
      Ian Lynagh authored
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    • Simon Marlow's avatar
      fix for GHCi tests that raise exceptions or exit · 2dbdcc36
      Simon Marlow authored
      We need to call GHC.TopHandler.runIOFastExit instead of
      GHC.TopHandler.runIO.  Recent fixes to the shutdown code have meant
      that when a thread invokes shutdownHaskellAndExit(), other main
      threads get a chance to exit (as they should), but this means that we
      might have a race between the child thread trying to exit the program
      and the main thread doing the same.  In the case of GHCi, if we're
      running an interpreted computation that needs to exit (as some tests
      do), then we really want this child thread to exit the program rather
      than the main thread.
    • Simon Marlow's avatar
      sort the keys when outputting the summary · 0998d4fb
      Simon Marlow authored
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    • simonmar's avatar
      [project @ 2006-01-18 16:31:10 by simonmar] · ff6b4956
      simonmar authored
      Add a fast version of the testsuite
      The idea is to have a way to run as much of the testsuite as possible
      in a short time, so that we'll run it more often (such as just before
      checking in a change, for example).  'make fast' tries for good
      coverage without using too many cycles.  Currently it takes about 4
      minutes on a fast machine with an optimised GHC build; I think this
      might still be a little on the slow side.
      When you say 'make fast' in testsuite/tests/ghc-regress, we run each
      test only one way, and all of the long-running tests are omitted.
      Also, to get the runtime down further, I arbitrarily omitted many of
      the should_run tests (because these tend to take a lot longer than
      should_compile or should_fail tests).  I tried to keep a
      representative few in each category.
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      [project @ 2004-11-09 13:49:08 by ross] · 7d1395dd
      ross authored
      More compiler_type support: added the option functions
      			      skip this test for certain compilers
      			      do this test for certain compilers only
      			      expect failure from a certain compiler
      and also use output files ending in -<compiler_type> if present.
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