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      Fix -split-obj on Mac OS via -fasm · ee40dd6b
      Clemens Fruhwirth authored
      The problem of the splitter was that it re-emitted section directives
      for every dynamic label found. The following was torn apart
      .indirect <symbol>
      	jmp *...
      	..somebinding code..
      .indirect_symbol <symbol>
      	jmp *...
      .symbol_stubs <--- NEW
      	..somebinding code..
      This is incorrect as the Mac OS assembler enforces that every new code
      section that goes into .symbol_stubs is associated with the linker
      directive .indirect_symbol. This sanity check is obviously violated
      when we reemit .symbol_stub in the splitter. The solution is to ignore
      everything that ends with $stub_binder as new label, and chuck it into
      a single label for $stub.
      Also the splitter has to recognize .section __DATA... for the lazy_ptr
      indirection symbol. Adds a reminder to PositionIndependentCode.hs to
      take care of the splitter when the code generation is changed.
      This should not affect -fvia-c as the code generated by the C compiler
      is entirely different.
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