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      Make darcs-all a perl script · 610379bc
      Ian Lynagh authored
      This fixes a problem where patches altering the darcs-all script break
      on Windows as the file is open. The script is now also slightly nicer,
      on balance.
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      Use update-alternatives for handling generic tool names · 1ee08bbe
      sven.panne@aedion.de authored
      ATTENTION: Packagers should read the following stuff carefully!
      GHC, Hugs and nhc come with various tools like runhaskell or hsc2hs. On the
      one hand this is quite handy, avoiding lots of tiny native packages, but OTOH
      this leads to a few problems:
         * The tools are not always identical in functionality.
         * The tools fight for a global generic name like "/usr/bin/runhaskell".
      These problems are not new and not unique to Haskell implementations, so for
      *nix-based system there is a tool called update-alternatives which handles
      those cases. The idea is as follows:
         * Each program/man page/etc. installs itself with a very specific name
           like /usr/bin/hsc2hs-ghc or /usr/share/man/man1/lua5.1.1.gz, so nothing
         * The (un-)installation scripts call update-alternatives to notify the
           system about new alternatives for a generic tool/manpage/etc.
         * Alternatives can be grouped together ("link groups"), so e.g. switching
           from Sun's Java to Kaffe switches compiler, JRE, manpages etc. together.
           Alas, this doesn't work well with the Haskell implementations yet,
           because they come with different sets of tools (in addition to runFOO):
             GHC:  hsc2hs
             Hugs: hsc2hs, cpphs
             nhc:  cpphs
           Either these tools should be disentangled fromt the Haskell
           implementations or all implementations should offer the same set.
           Opinions and recommendations on this topic are highly welcome.
         * This mechanism can be used to easily switch between several versions of
           the same implementation, too, but we are not yet fully prepared for that.
      As a first step, GHC now installs hsc2hs as 'hsc2hs-ghc' and does *not*
      install runhaskell directly anymore, only runghc. hsc2hs and runhaskell are
      created via update-alternatives now. What is currently missing is a mechanism
      for platforms like Windows and probably Mac OS X.
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      Detect the snapshot version number using darcs · 06decfcd
      Simon Marlow authored
      For non-release builds, we want to append a date to the version number
      (e.g. 6.7.20070206).  Previously this was done by the nightly build
      script, this new method figures out the snapshot version by querying
      the darcs repository and finding the date of the most recent patch
      (actually it finds the most recent of the last 100 patches, but that
      should be good enough).  This is done by the configure script.
      To handle source distributions, we create a file VERSION in the
      top-level directory that contains the version number, and ship this in
      the source distribution.  The configure script picks up the version
      from this file if it doesn't see a _darcs directory.
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      fix source dists · 2670dc47
      Simon Marlow authored
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      fix binary dists · 55bb9846
      Simon Marlow authored
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      Reorganisation of the source tree · 0065d5ab
      Simon Marlow authored
      Most of the other users of the fptools build system have migrated to
      Cabal, and with the move to darcs we can now flatten the source tree
      without losing history, so here goes.
      The main change is that the ghc/ subdir is gone, and most of what it
      contained is now at the top level.  The build system now makes no
      pretense at being multi-project, it is just the GHC build system.
      No doubt this will break many things, and there will be a period of
      instability while we fix the dependencies.  A straightforward build
      should work, but I haven't yet fixed binary/source distributions.
      Changes to the Building Guide will follow, too.