1. 25 Oct, 2005 1 commit
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  3. 09 Dec, 2004 1 commit
  4. 10 Nov, 2004 1 commit
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      [project @ 2004-11-10 12:20:00 by ross] · 87dc431f
      ross authored
      Add a make variable COMPILER (default: ghc) to select a configuration file
      from the config directory without have=ing to give a full path.
  5. 09 Sep, 2004 1 commit
  6. 19 Jul, 2004 1 commit
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      [project @ 2004-07-19 22:11:45 by igloo] · 805e7047
      igloo authored
      Allows a -ws-64 stdout variant rather than requiring each 64-bit
      platform to have a -platform one. (You now need to make boot in
      testsuite after configure but before running tests).
      Modify enum001, partly to alter spacing but also to inline printTest
      where things like \NUL are used, as modern cpp behaves differently.
      Rename the generated .script files to .genscript to make it easier to
      clean a testsuite tree.
  7. 01 Mar, 2004 1 commit
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  9. 02 Dec, 2002 1 commit
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      [project @ 2002-12-02 13:43:43 by simonmar] · 024444aa
      simonmar authored
      Add support for running tests with GHCi.  This is an additional "way"
      in the test system, which is enabled automatically if
      $(GhcWithInterpreter) = YES, and only applies to tests that run (as
      opposed to tests that just compile).
  10. 11 Sep, 2002 2 commits
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      [project @ 2002-09-11 10:50:31 by simonmar] · 96eedd07
      simonmar authored
      Add makefile machinery so you can say
      	$ make TEST=cg001 WAY=prof
      to get a specific test in a specific way only.
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      [project @ 2002-09-11 10:47:57 by simonmar] · f2600f8b
      simonmar authored
      - Move some of the way-selection logic into the configuration file;
        the build system now just passes in variables saying whether the
        compiler supports profiling and native code generation, and the
        configuration file adds the appropriate ways.
      - Add a new option to the test driver, --way=<way> to select just a
        single way.
  11. 26 Aug, 2002 1 commit
  12. 31 Jul, 2002 1 commit
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      [project @ 2002-07-31 14:24:18 by simonmar] · e5063a04
      simonmar authored
      Revamp the testsuite framework.  The previous framework was an
      experiment that got a little out of control - a whole new language
      with an interpreter written in Haskell was rather heavyweight and left
      us with a maintenance problem.
      So the new test driver is written in Python.  The downside is that you
      need Python to run the testsuite, but we don't think that's too big a
      problem since it only affects developers and Python installs pretty
      easily onto everything these days.
        - 790 lines of Python, vs. 5300 lines of Haskell + 720 lines of
          <strange made-up language>.
        - the framework supports running tests in various "ways", which should
          catch more bugs.  By default, each test is run in three ways:
          normal, -O, and -O -fasm.  Additionally, if profiling libraries
          have been built, another way (-O -prof -auto-all) is added.  I plan
          to also add a 'GHCi' way.
          Running tests multiple ways has already shown up some new bugs!
        - documentation is in the README file and is somewhat improved.
        - the framework is rather less GHC-specific, and could without much
          difficulty be coaxed into using other compilers.  Most of the
          GHC-specificness is in a separate configuration file (config/ghc).
      Things may need a while to settle down.  Expect some unexpected
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  14. 07 Sep, 2001 1 commit
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      [project @ 2001-09-07 13:00:51 by rrt] · c9cb517c
      rrt authored
      Test-suite titivation
      This commit achieves several glorious goals and adds many frivolous
          * Makes the test driver work on Windows (use bash for system calls)
          * Adds -Di386_unknown_mingw32 to CPP_OPTS so that Win-specific code is
            compiled properly
          * Adds the ability to have platform-specific test results (by setting
            the new $platform variable to config.mk's TARGETPLATFORM)
          * Fixes several tests to work on Windows, mostly by adding platform-
            specific result files.
          * Pipes all stderr files through normalise_errmsg, which itself is
            improved to handle .exe at the end of filenames, and backslashes.
          * Allows stdout output to be piped through normalise_errmsg; useful in
            the rare cases where output includes filenames.
          * Comprehensively breaks the testsuite on all other platforms (with any
          * Splundig vur thrig, earthlets!
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