1. 07 Nov, 2007 5 commits
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      FIX #1561: don't use tabs in pretty-printed output at all. · b23eb7d8
      Simon Marlow authored
      Tabs aren't guaranteed to be 8 spaces on every output device, so we
      shouldn't be using them.  Instead I added a little optimisation to
      use chunks of 8 spaces for long indentations.
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      FIX #1765, #1766 · da4dda13
      Simon Marlow authored
      - :def! now overwrites a previous command with the same name
      - :def on its own lists the defined macros
      - ":undef f g" undefines both f and g
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      #1617: Add :browse! and various other additions to GHCi · 806ab633
      Simon Marlow authored
        - :browse!
          a variant of :browse that lists children separately,
          not in context, and gives import qualifiers in comments
      SimonM: I also added sorting by source location for interpreted
      modules in :browse, and alphabetic sorting by name otherwise.  For
      :browse *M, the locally-defined names come before the external ones.
        - :{ ..lines.. :} (multiline commands)
          allow existing commands to be spread over multiple lines
          to improve readability, both interactively and in .ghci
          (includes a refactoring that unifies the previous three
          command loops into one, runCommands, fed from cmdqueue,
          file, or readline)
        - :set
            now shows GHCi-specific flag settings (printing/
            debugger), as well as non-language dynamic flag 
          :show languages
            show active language flags
          :show packages
            show active package flags as well as implicitly 
            loaded packages
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      Inline implication constraints · 85e16365
      simonpj@microsoft.com authored
      This patch fixes Trac #1643, where Lennart found that GHC was generating
      code with unnecessary dictionaries.  The reason was that we were getting
      an implication constraint floated out of an INLINE (actually an instance
      decl), and the implication constraint therefore wasn't inlined even 
      though it was used only once (but inside the INLINE).  Thus we were 
      	ic = \d -> <stuff>
      	foo = _inline_me_ (...ic...)
      Then 'foo' gets inlined in lots of places, but 'ic' now looks a bit 
      But implication constraints should *always* be inlined; they are just
      artefacts of the constraint simplifier.
      This patch solves the problem, by adding a WpInline form to the HsWrap
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      Wibble to earlier case-merge fix · 7c1e4f1a
      simonpj@microsoft.com authored
      This fix avoids a bogus WARN in SimplEnv.substId