1. 24 Sep, 2019 4 commits
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      base: Add link to "A reflection on types" · b23f01fd
      Ben Gamari authored
      Fixes #17181.
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      Fix some duplication in the parser · f97a7aac
      Sebastian Graf authored
      D3673 experienced reduce/reduce conflicts when trying to use
      opt_instance for associated data families.
      That was probably because the author tried to use it for
      Haskell98-syntax without also applying it to GADT-syntax, which actually
      leads to a reduce/reduce conflict. Consider the following state:
      data . T = T
      data . T where T :: T
      The parser must decide at this point whether or not to reduce an empty
      `opt_instance`. But doing so would also commit to either
      Haskell98 or GADT syntax! Good thing we also accept an optional
      "instance" for GADT syntax, so the `opt_instance` is there in both
      productions and there's no reduce/reduce conflict anymore.
      Also no need to inline `opt_instance`, how it used to be.
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      Hadrian: Add -haddock option for GHCi's :doc command · b5f24fb4
      Takenobu Tani authored
      This commit adds -haddock option to Hadrian-based build system.
      To enable :doc command on GHCi, core libraries must be compiled
      with -haddock option.
      Especially, the `-haddock` option is essential for a release build.
      Assuming current GitLab CI condition (.gitlab-ci.yml),
      I add -haddock option to the default flavour only.
      This has already been done for Make-based build system.
      Please see #16415.
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