1. 03 Jun, 2014 5 commits
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      Do pretty-printing of TyThings via IfaceDecl (Trac #7730) · b4856f9f
      Simon Peyton Jones authored
      All the initial work on this was done fy 'archblob' (fcsernik@gmail.com);
      thank you!
      I reviewed the patch, started some tidying, up and then ended up in a huge
      swamp of changes, not all of which I can remember now.  But:
      * To suppress kind arguments when we have -fno-print-explicit-kinds,
          - IfaceTyConApp argument types are in a tagged list IfaceTcArgs
      * To allow overloaded types to be printed with =>, add IfaceDFunTy to IfaceType.
      * When printing data/type family instances for the user, I've made them
        print out an informative RHS, which is a new feature. Thus
              ghci> info T
              data family T a
              data instance T Int = T1 Int Int
              data instance T Bool = T2
      * In implementation terms, pprIfaceDecl has just one "context" argument,
        of type IfaceSyn.ShowSub, which says
             - How to print the binders of the decl
               see note [Printing IfaceDecl binders] in IfaceSyn
             - Which sub-comoponents (eg constructors) to print
      * Moved FastStringEnv from RnEnv to OccName
      It all took a ridiculously long time to do.  But it's done!
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      Use mkTcEqPred rather than mkEqPred · 0ba74f6f
      Simon Peyton Jones authored
      This was mostly done in an earlier commit, but I missed these two
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      Rename TypeRep.Prec to TypeRep.TyPrec · 09dc9a8e
      Simon Peyton Jones authored
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      fix missing space · 2da439ae
      ryantm authored
  2. 30 May, 2014 14 commits
  3. 29 May, 2014 1 commit
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      Update Haddock submodule. · a518500f
      Mateusz Kowalczyk authored
      This doesn't make any actual changes as to what the source looked like
      at previous commit we were pointing to but I made some foolish reverts
      that I now have to accomodate for. Sorry!
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