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      Allow testsuite to run under MSYS/MinGW using native Python (not Cygwin Python). · e1bdf63f
      brianlsmith authored
      This patch is based on a similar one "Enable timeout in Windows
      and don't require cygwin python" by Esa Ilari Vuokko. It seems
      like timeout is always built on Windows so I rearranged the logic
      there to make the code clearer, Esa's patch required the user to
      uncomment the MinGW-specific logic in order for it to work; this
      patch does not have the MinGW-specific logic commented out.
      I tested this on the trunk in Ubuntu 6.06 on i686 (VMWare).
      I tested this on the trunk and ghc-6.6 branch on Windows i686.
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      attempt to work around restrictions with fork() & pthreads · 4f4f12e5
      Simon Marlow authored
      In the child process, call exec() directly instead of using
      System.Cmd.system, which involves another fork()/exec() and a
      non-blocking wait.  The problem is that in a forked child of a
      threaded process, it isn't safe to do much except exec() according to
      POSIX.  In fact calling pthread_create() in the child causes the
      pthread library to fail with an error on FreeBSD.
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      [project @ 2005-08-04 12:22:17 by simonmar] · 01a7c0fe
      simonmar authored
      A better timeout.  This one starts a new session for the child
      process, and attempts to kill the entire group when the time expires
      (previously we only killed the direct child, if the child itself had
      spawned more processes these would continue to run).
      The new scheme is only for Unix, presumably we have to do something
      different on Windows.
      Code partly from Ian Lynagh.
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