1. 18 Jan, 1999 6 commits
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      [project @ 1999-01-18 15:21:37 by simonm] · c5a9b776
      simonm authored
      - BLACKHOLE_BQ is a mutable object, because new threads get added to
        its blocking_queue field.  Hence add a mut_link field and treat it
        as mutable in the garbage collector.
      - Change StgBlackHole to StgBlockingQueue while I'm at it.
      - Optimise evacuation of black holes: don't copy the padding
        words, just skip over them.
      - Several garbage collection fixes.
      - Improve sanity checking: now the older generations are fully checked
        at each GC.
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      [project @ 1999-01-18 15:18:06 by simonm] · 59f3fefd
      simonm authored
      - do MVARs properly.
      - skip over slop between objects, by searching for the first info pointer.
        this works for slop created by updates, for example.
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      [project @ 1999-01-18 14:35:20 by sof] · 0926a3ca
      sof authored
      Fixed a couple of bad bugs in the implementation of 'foreign export ccall dynamic'.
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      [project @ 1999-01-18 12:23:04 by simonm] · 0416fed0
      simonm authored
      Fixes for MVars.
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      [project @ 1999-01-18 10:54:15 by simonm] · 905001b5
      simonm authored
      Don't bomb out with "Dont know where to get memory from on this
      architecture" on Win32.
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      [project @ 1999-01-18 09:20:08 by sof] · 55d615e0
      sof authored
      'Native' Wni32 implementation of getMBlock(). Also added a Win32 impl.
      of freeMBlock() in case that ever should become useful.
  2. 15 Jan, 1999 3 commits
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      [project @ 1999-01-15 17:57:03 by simonm] · 4ec89230
      simonm authored
      - Add new object BLACKHOLE_BQ: now a BLACKHOLE is defined as having an
        empty blocking queue, and the first time a thread blocks on a BLACKHOLE
        it is changed into a BLACKHOLE_BQ.
      - Remove UPD_INPLACE1 and replace it with UPD_IND in the two places it
        was used.  UPD_INPLACE1 wouldn't have worked in a generational setting.
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      [project @ 1999-01-15 17:32:22 by simonm] · 37c7c022
      simonm authored
      Forgot a couple of STGCALLs.
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      [project @ 1999-01-15 12:47:19 by sewardj] · f77b5a62
      sewardj authored
      Remove 'const' modifier from static closure declarations.  Static
      closures are meant to live in R/W data space.
  3. 14 Jan, 1999 5 commits
  4. 13 Jan, 1999 1 commit
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      [project @ 1999-01-13 17:25:37 by simonm] · 4391e44f
      simonm authored
      Added a generational garbage collector.
      The collector is reliable but fairly untuned as yet.  It works with an
      arbitrary number of generations: use +RTS -G<gens> to change the
      number of generations used (default 2).
      Stats: +RTS -Sstderr is quite useful, but to really see what's going
      on compile the RTS with -DDEBUG and use +RTS -D32.
      ARR_PTRS removed - it wasn't used anywhere.
      Sanity checking improved:
      	- free blocks are now spammed when sanity checking is turned on
      	- a check for leaking blocks is performed after each GC.
  5. 06 Jan, 1999 4 commits
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