1. 13 Apr, 2000 7 commits
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      [project @ 2000-04-13 18:49:21 by panne] · c7255390
      panne authored
      HS_cbits => HSstd_cbits
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      [project @ 2000-04-13 15:37:11 by panne] · 4bba3f6e
      panne authored
      StgStablePtr is now void*, as required by The Happy Bit Fiddlers
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      [project @ 2000-04-13 15:00:49 by rrt] · e5386763
      rrt authored
      Added details of packages.
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      [project @ 2000-04-13 14:27:15 by panne] · 2bd8f82f
      panne authored
      Removed the useless (and hard to implement) readForeignObjOffAddr#
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      [project @ 2000-04-13 14:11:00 by simonmar] · 4ade8dd3
      simonmar authored
      remove accidentally committed stuff.
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      [project @ 2000-04-13 11:56:35 by simonpj] · 9579283c
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      Add support for 'packages'.
      * A package is a group of modules.
      * A package has a name (e.g. std)
      * A package is built into a single library (Unix; e.g. libHSstd.a)
                             or a single DLL     (Windows; e.g. HSstd.dll)
      * The '-package-name foo' flag tells GHC that the module being compiled
        is destined for package foo.
      * The '-package foo' flag tells GHC to make available modules
        from package 'foo'.  It replaces '-syslib foo' which is now deprecated.
      * Cross-package references cost an extra indirection in Windows,
        but not Unix
      * GHC does not maintain detailed cross-package dependency information.
        It does remember which modules in other packages the current module
        depends on, but not which things within those imported things.
      All of this tidies up the Prelude enormously.  The Prelude and
      Standard Libraries are built into a singl package called 'std'.  (This
      is a change; the library is now called libHSstd.a instead of libHS.a)
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      [project @ 2000-04-13 08:58:27 by simonmar] · 41c2bcab
      simonmar authored
      Move block/unblockAsyncExceptions here, now that they're used in PrelHandle.
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