1. 11 May, 1999 6 commits
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      [project @ 1999-05-11 16:37:29 by keithw] · d133b73a
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      (this is number 4 of 9 commits to be applied together)
        The major purpose of this commit is to introduce usage information
        and usage analysis into the compiler, per the paper _Once Upon a
        Polymorphic Type_ (Keith Wansbrough and Simon Peyton Jones, POPL'99,
        and Glasgow TR-1998-19).
        Usage information has been added to types, in the form of a new kind
        of NoteTy: (UsgNote UsageAnn(UsOnce|UsMany|UsVar UVar)).  Usages
        print as __o (once), __m (many, usually omitted), or (not in
        interface files) __uvxxxx.  Usage annotations should only appear at
        certain places in a type (see the paper).  The `default' annotation
        is __m, and so an omitted annotation implies __m.  Utility functions
        for handling usage annotations are provided in Type.
        If the compiler is built with -DUSMANY (a flag intended for use in
        debugging by KSW only), __m are *required* and may not be omitted.
        The major constraint is that type arguments (eg to mkAppTy) must be
        unannotated on top.  To maintain this invariant, many functions
        required the insertion of Type.unUsgTy (removing annot from top of a
        type) or UsageSPUtils.unannotTy (removing all annotations from a
        type).  A function returning usage-annotated types for primops has
        been added to PrimOp.
        A new kind of Note, (TermUsg UsageAnn), has been added to annotate
        Terms.  This note is *not* printed in interface files, and for the
        present does not escape the internals of the usage inference engine.
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      [project @ 1999-05-11 16:33:35 by keithw] · f83ad713
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      (this is number 3 of 9 commits to be applied together)
        Following Haskell 98, if the module declaration is omitted it now
        defaults to "module Main(main) where", rather than the previous
        default of exporting everything.
        Furthermore, "module Main where" also defaults to exporting just
        Main.main rather than everything in the module (modules other than
        Main behave as normal).  This permits the usage inference to give
        better results for the Main module, since exported functions get
        worse types than nonexported functions.
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      [project @ 1999-05-11 16:33:06 by keithw] · 5c18c653
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      (this is number 2 of 9 commits to be applied together)
        Type constructors now carry information on the variance (positive
        and/or negative) of each of their type arguments (tyConArgVrcs).
        This information is provided for primitive types and computed for
        others.  If a tycon has been imported abstractly and this variance
        information is subsequently demanded, we make a pessimistic
        assumption and warn that -fno-prune-tydecls should be used.
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      [project @ 1999-05-11 16:31:33 by keithw] · 39b581ba
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      (this is number 1 of 9 commits to be applied together)
        Dictionaries now appear in interface files explicitly, rather than
        as contexts: __forall [a] => {Show a} -> ... rather than __forall
        [a] {Show a} => ... .
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      [project @ 1999-05-11 14:38:47 by sof] · c9674234
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      myThreadId doc'ed
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      [project @ 1999-05-11 09:15:19 by sof] · 3d2c765b
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      couple of fixes (courtesy of MPJ)
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