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      Support for DragonFly BSD · a35d65c3
      Simon Marlow authored
      Patches from Goetz Isenmann <info@goetz-isenmann.de>, slightly updated
      for HEAD (the method for configuring platforms in configure.ac has
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      No CoreLint warnings if -dno-debug-output is on · c4ea6c7d
      simonpj@microsoft.com authored
      The Core Lint warnings are new.  There's only one at the moment,
      namely one to identify recursive INLINE things:
          [RHS of $c>>_als :: forall s_afT a_alJ b_alK.
                              Cpr001_imp.StateTrans s_afT a_alJ
                              -> Cpr001_imp.StateTrans s_afT b_alK
                              -> Cpr001_imp.StateTrans s_afT b_alK]
          INLINE binder is loop breaker: $c>>_als
      This is definitely non-fatal, and typically gets unravelled after
      another simplifier run anyway.  So I'm suppressing such warnings
      for the testsuite, when -dno-debug-output is on.
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      validate fixes · 374a85ae
      Ben.Lippmeier@anu.edu.au authored
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      * Refactor CLabel.RtsLabel to CLabel.CmmLabel · a02e7f40
      Ben.Lippmeier@anu.edu.au authored
      The type of the CmmLabel ctor is now
        CmmLabel :: PackageId -> FastString -> CmmLabelInfo -> CLabel
       - When you construct a CmmLabel you have to explicitly say what
         package it is in. Many of these will just use rtsPackageId, but
         I've left it this way to remind people not to pretend labels are
         in the RTS package when they're not. 
       - When parsing a Cmm file, labels that are not defined in the 
         current file are assumed to be in the RTS package. 
         Labels imported like
            import label
         are assumed to be in a generic "foreign" package, which is different
         from the current one.
         Labels imported like
            import "package-name" label
         are marked as coming from the named package.
         This last one is needed for the integer-gmp library as we want to
         refer to labels that are not in the same compilation unit, but
         are in the same non-rts package.
         This should help remove the nasty #ifdef __PIC__ stuff from
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