1. 25 Sep, 2020 2 commits
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      Remove ConDeclGADTPrefixPs · 7f418acf
      Ryan Scott authored
      This removes the `ConDeclGADTPrefixPs` per the discussion in #18517.
      Most of this patch simply removes code, although the code in the
      `rnConDecl` case for `ConDeclGADTPrefixPs` had to be moved around a
      * The nested `forall`s check now lives in the `rnConDecl` case for
      * The `LinearTypes`-specific code that used to live in the
        `rnConDecl` case for `ConDeclGADTPrefixPs` now lives in
        `GHC.Parser.PostProcess.mkGadtDecl`, which is now monadic so that
        it can check if `-XLinearTypes` is enabled.
      Fixes #18157.
      (cherry picked from commit 3ea8ac77)
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      Export singleton function from Data.List · 29fc00bc
      Wander Hillen authored
      Data.OldList exports a monomorphized singleton function but
      it is not re-exported by Data.List. Adding the export to
      Data.List causes a conflict with a 14-year old function of the
      same name and type by SPJ in GHC.Utils.Misc. We can't just remove
      this function because that leads to a problems when building
      GHC with a stage0 compiler that does not have singleton in
      Data.List yet. We also can't hide the function in GHC.Utils.Misc
      since it is not possible to hide a function from a module if the
      module does not export the function. To work around this, all
      places where the Utils.Misc singleton was used now use a qualified
      version like Utils.singleton and in GHC.Utils.Misc we are very
      specific about which version we export.
      (cherry picked from commit e195dae6)
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      Deprecate Data.Semigroup.Option · b1c4116d
      Simon Jakobi authored
      Libraries email: https://mail.haskell.org/pipermail/libraries/2018-April/028724.html
      GHC issue: #15028
      Corresponding PRs for deepseq:
      * https://github.com/haskell/deepseq/pull/55
      * https://github.com/haskell/deepseq/pull/57
      Bumps the deepseq submodule.
      (cherry picked from commit a90d1309)
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