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Hardwire a better unit-id for ghc

Rodrigo Mesquita requested to merge wip/romes/hardwire-ghc-unit-id into master

Hardwire a better unit-id for ghc

Previously, the unit-id of ghc-the-library was fixed as ghc. This was done primarily because the compiler must know the unit-id of some packages (including ghc) a-priori to define wired-in names.

However, as seen in #20742 (closed), a reinstallable ghc whose unit-id is fixed to ghc might result in subtle bugs when different ghc's interact.

A good example of this is having GHC_A load a plugin compiled by GHC_B, where GHC_A and GHC_B are linked to ghc-libraries that are ABI incompatible. Without a distinction between the unit-id of the ghc library GHC_A is linked against and the ghc library the plugin it is loading was compiled against, we can't check compatibility.

This patch gives a slightly better unit-id to ghc (ghc-version) by (1) Not setting -this-unit-id to ghc, but rather to the new unit-id (modulo stage0) (2) Adding a definition to GHC.Version whose value is the new unit-id. This unit-id definition is imported by GHC.Unit.Types and used to set the wired-in unit-id of "ghc", which was previously fixed to "ghc"

The commits following this one will

  • improve the unit-id with a cabal-style package hash
  • ensure cabal-built ghcs also correctly use a better unit-id (and the package-key matches the unit-id)
  • and check compatibility when loading plugins.

When finished, should close #20742 (closed)

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