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Hadrian: fix library install paths in bindist Makefile (#16498)

Sylvain Henry requested to merge hsyl20/ghc:hsyl20-bindist-makefile-16498 into master

GHC now works out-of-the-box (i.e. without any wrapper script) by assuming that @bin@ and @lib@ directories sit next to each other. In particular, its RUNPATH uses $ORIGIN-based relative path to find the libraries.

However, to be good citizens we want to support the case where @bin@ and @lib@ directories (respectively BINDIR and LIBDIR) don't sit next to each other or are renamed. To do that the install script simply creates GHC specific @bin@ and @lib@ siblings directories into:


Then it installs wrapper scripts into BINDIR that call the appropriate programs into LIBDIR/ghc-VERSION/bin/.

The issue fixed by this patch is that libraries were not installed into LIBDIR/ghc-VERSION/lib but directly into LIBDIR.

Edited by Sylvain Henry

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