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    ErrUtils: split withTiming into withTiming and withTimingSilent · b3e5c731
    Alp Mestanogullari authored and Marge Bot's avatar Marge Bot committed
    'withTiming' becomes a function that, when passed '-vN' (N >= 2) or
    '-ddump-timings', will print timing (and possibly allocations) related
    information. When additionally built with '-eventlog' and executed with
    '+RTS -l', 'withTiming' will also emit both 'traceMarker' and 'traceEvent'
    events to the eventlog.
    'withTimingSilent' on the other hand will never print any timing information,
    under any circumstance, and will only emit 'traceEvent' events to the eventlog.
    As pointed out in !1672, 'traceMarker' is better suited for things that we
    might want to visualize in tools like eventlog2html, while 'traceEvent'
    is better suited for internal events that occur a lot more often and that we
    don't necessarily want to visualize.
    This addresses #17138 by using 'withTimingSilent' for all the codegen bits
    that are expressed as a bunch of small computations over streams of codegen