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    Fix a serious bug in roughMatchTcs · be3c0d62
    Simon Peyton Jones authored
    The roughMatchTcs function enables a quick definitely-no-match test
    in lookupInstEnv.  Unfortunately, it didn't account for type families.
    This didn't matter when type families were flattened away, but now
    they aren't flattened it matters a lot.
    The fix is very easy. See INVARIANT in GHC.Core.InstEnv
    Note [ClsInst laziness and the rough-match fields]
    Fixes #19336
    The change makes compiler perf worse on two very-type-family-heavy
    benchmarks, T9872{a,d}:
      T9872a(normal) ghc/alloc  2172536442.7  2216337648.0  +2.0%
      T9872d(normal) ghc/alloc   614584024.0   621081384.0  +1.1%
    (Everything else is 0.0% or at most 0.1%.)
    I think we just have to put up with this. Some cases were being
    wrongly filtered out by roughMatchTcs that might actually match, which
    could lead to false apartness checks.  And it only affects these very
    type-family-heavy cases.
    Metric Increase:
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