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    Refactored Simplify pass · 9a3e1f31
    Dominik Peteler authored and Marge Bot's avatar Marge Bot committed
     * Removed references to driver from GHC.Core.LateCC, GHC.Core.Simplify
       namespace and GHC.Core.Opt.Stats.
       Also removed services from configuration records.
     * Renamed GHC.Core.Opt.Simplify to GHC.Core.Opt.Simplify.Iteration.
     * Inlined `simplifyPgm` and renamed `simplifyPgmIO` to `simplifyPgm`
       and moved the Simplify driver to GHC.Core.Opt.Simplify.
     * Moved `SimplMode` and `FloatEnable` to GHC.Core.Opt.Simplify.Env.
     * Added a configuration record `TopEnvConfig` for the `SimplTopEnv` environment
       in GHC.Core.Opt.Simplify.Monad.
     * Added `SimplifyOpts` and `SimplifyExprOpts`. Provide initialization functions
       for those in a new module GHC.Driver.Config.Core.Opt.Simplify.
       Also added initialization functions for `SimplMode` to that module.
     * Moved `CoreToDo` and friends to a new module GHC.Core.Pipeline.Types
       and the counting types and functions (`SimplCount` and `Tick`) to new
       module GHC.Core.Opt.Stats.
     * Added getter functions for the fields of `Simpl...
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