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    Break up TyCoRep · 371dadfb
    Ben Gamari authored
    This breaks up the monstrous TyCoReps module into several new modules by
     * TyCoRep: Contains the `Coercion`, `Type`, and related type
       definitions and a few simple predicates but nothing further
     * TyCoPpr: Contains the the pretty-printer logic
     * TyCoFVs: Contains the free variable computations (and
       `tyConAppNeedsKindSig`, although I suspect this should change)
     * TyCoSubst: Contains the substitution logic for types and coercions
     * TyCoTidy: Contains the tidying logic for types
    While we are able to eliminate a good number of `SOURCE` imports (and
    make a few others smaller) with this change, we must introduce one new
    `hs-boot` file for `TyCoPpr` so that `TyCoRep` can define `Outputable`
    instances for the types it defines.
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