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    hadrian: Add reloc-binary-dist-* targets · fe23629b
    Matthew Pickering authored and Marge Bot's avatar Marge Bot committed
    This adds a command line option to build a "relocatable" bindist.
    The bindist is created by first creating a normal bindist and then
    installing it using the `RelocatableBuild=YES` option. This creates a
    bindist without any wrapper scripts pointing to the libdir.
    The motivation for this feature is that we want to ship relocatable
    bindists on windows and this method is more uniform than the ad-hoc
    method which lead to bugs such as #23608 and #23476
    The relocatable bindist can be built with the "reloc-binary-dist" target
    and supports the same suffixes as the normal "binary-dist" command to
    specify the compression style.
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