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    Add ghcide configuration files · 218c5dbf
    Matthew Pickering authored
    This commit adds three new files
    1. A hie.yaml file to the project root which specifies to IDEs how to
    set up the correct environment for loading GHC. This currently
    specifies to call the `./hadrian/hie-bios` script.
    2. A `hie.yaml` file for the hadrian subcomponent, which uses the
    `cabal` cradle type.
    2. The `./hadrian/hie-bios` script which supplies the correct arguments
    for an IDE to start a session.
    With these two files it is possible to run
    ghcide compiler/
    and successfully load all the modules for use in the IDE.
    ghcide --cwd hadrian/ src/
    to test loading all of Hadrian's modules.
    Closes #17194
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