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    Simplify Configure in a few ways · c2290596
    John Ericson authored
     - No need to distinguish between gcc-llvm and clang. First of all,
       gcc-llvm is quite old and surely unmaintained by now. Second of all,
       none of the code actually care about that distinction!
       Now, it does make sense to consider C multiple frontends for LLVMs in
       the form of clang vs clang-cl (same clang, yes, but tweaked
       interface). But this is better handled in terms of "gccish vs
       mvscish" and "is LLVM", yielding 4 combinations. Therefore, I don't
       think it is useful saving the existing code for that.
     - Get the remaining CC_LLVM_BACKEND, and also TABLES_NEXT_TO_CODE in
       mk/config.h the normal way, rather than hacking it post-hoc. No point
       keeping these special cases around for now reason.
     - Get rid of hand-rolled `die` function and just use `AC_MSG_ERROR`.
     - Abstract check + flag override for unregisterised and tables next to
    Oh, and as part of the above I also renamed/combined some variables
    where it felt appropriate.
     - GccIsClang -> CcLlvmBackend. This is for `AC_SUBST`, like the other
     Camal case ones. It was never about gcc-llvm, or Apple's renamed clang,
     to be clear.
     - llvm_CC_FLAVOR -> CC_LLVM_BACKEND. This is for `AC_DEFINE`, like the
     other all-caps snake case ones. llvm_CC_FLAVOR was just silly
     indirection *and* an odd name to boot.
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