Commit 045e774f authored by's avatar

Remove a couple of lingering references to the dead BootingFromHc variable

parent e628dd18
......@@ -226,10 +226,8 @@ INTEGER_LIBRARY=integer-gmp
GhcLibWays = v
# In addition to the normal sequential way, the default is to also build
# profiled prelude libraries unless we are booting from .hc files
ifneq "$(BootingFromHc)" "YES"
# profiled prelude libraries
GhcLibWays += p
ifeq "$(PlatformSupportsSharedLibs)" "YES"
GhcLibWays += dyn
......@@ -253,9 +251,7 @@ BuildSharedLibs=$(strip $(if $(findstring dyn,$(GhcLibWays)),YES,NO))
# Usually want the debug version
ifeq "$(BootingFromHc)" "NO"
GhcRTSWays += debug
# We always have the threaded versions, but note that SMP support may be disabled
# (see GhcWithSMP).
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