Commit 1f5cc9dc authored by Simon Peyton Jones's avatar Simon Peyton Jones Committed by Marge Bot

Stop inferring over-polymorphic kinds

Before this patch GHC was trying to be too clever
(Trac #16344); it succeeded in kind-checking this
polymorphic-recursive declaration

    data T ka (a::ka) b
      = MkT (T Type           Int   Bool)
            (T (Type -> Type) Maybe Bool)

As Note [No polymorphic recursion] discusses, the "solution" was
horribly fragile.  So this patch deletes the key lines in
TcHsType, and a wodge of supporting stuff in the renamer.

There were two regressions, both the same: a closed type family
decl like this (T12785b) does not have a CUSK:
  type family Payload (n :: Peano) (s :: HTree n x) where
    Payload Z (Point a) = a
    Payload (S n) (a `Branch` stru) = a

To kind-check the equations we need a dependent kind for
Payload, and we don't get that any more.  Solution: make it
a CUSK by giving the result kind -- probably a good thing anyway.

The other case (T12442) was very similar: a close type family
declaration without a CUSK.
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