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Be more careful when naming TyCon binders

This patch fixes two rather gnarly test cases:
  * Trac #16342 (mutual recursion)
    See Note [Tricky scoping in generaliseTcTyCon]

  * Trac #16221 (shadowing)
    See Note [Unification variables need fresh Names]

The main changes are:

* Substantial reworking of TcTyClsDecls.generaliseTcTyCon
  This is the big change, and involves the rather tricky
  function TcHsSyn.zonkRecTyVarBndrs.

  See Note [Inferring kinds for type declarations] and
  Note [Tricky scoping in generaliseTcTyCon] for the details.

* bindExplicitTKBndrs_Tv and bindImplicitTKBndrs_Tv both now
  allocate /freshly-named/ unification variables. Indeed, more
  generally, unification variables are always fresh; see
  Note [Unification variables need fresh Names] in TcMType

* Clarify the role of tcTyConScopedTyVars.
  See Note [Scoped tyvars in a TcTyCon] in TyCon

As usual, this dragged in some more refactoring:

* Renamed TcMType.zonkTyCoVarBndr to zonkAndSkolemise

* I renamed checkValidTelescope to checkTyConTelescope;
  it's only used on TyCons, and indeed takes a TyCon as argument.

* I folded the slightly-mysterious reportFloatingKvs into
  checkTyConTelescope. (Previously all its calls immediately
  followed a call to checkTyConTelescope.)  It makes much more
  sense there.

* I inlined some called-once functions to simplify
  checkValidTyFamEqn. It's less spaghetti-like now.

* This patch also fixes Trac #16251.  I'm not quite sure why #16251
  went wrong in the first place, nor how this patch fixes it, but
  hey, it's good, and life is short.
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