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Use addUsedDataCons more judiciously in TcDeriv (#17324)

If you derive an instance like this:

deriving <...> instance Foo C

And the data constructors for `C` aren't in scope, then
`doDerivInstErrorChecks1` throws an error. Moreover, it will
_only_ throw an error if `<...>` is either `stock` or `newtype`.
This is because the code that the `anyclass` or `via` strategies
would generate would not require the use of the data constructors
for `C`.

However, `doDerivInstErrorChecks1` has another purpose. If you
write this:

import M (C(MkC1, ..., MkCn))

deriving <...> instance Foo C

Then `doDerivInstErrorChecks1` will call `addUsedDataCons` on
`MkC1` through `MkCn` to ensure that `-Wunused-imports` does not
complain about them. However, `doDerivInstErrorChecks1` was doing
this for _every_ deriving strategy, which mean that if `<...>` were
`anyclass` or `via`, then the warning about `MkC1` through `MkCn`
being unused would be suppressed!

The fix is simple enough: only call `addUsedDataCons` when the
strategy is `stock` or `newtype`, just like the other code paths
in `doDerivInstErrorChecks1`.

Fixes #17324.
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