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    Minor refactoring in deriveConstants · 821bece9
    Ömer Sinan Ağacan authored
    Mainly we now generate this
        data PlatformConstants = PlatformConstants {
              pc_CONTROL_GROUP_CONST_291 :: Int,
              pc_STD_HDR_SIZE :: Int,
              pc_PROF_HDR_SIZE :: Int,
              pc_BLOCK_SIZE :: Int,
    instead of
        data PlatformConstants = PlatformConstants {
            pc_platformConstants :: ()
            , pc_CONTROL_GROUP_CONST_291 :: Int
            , pc_STD_HDR_SIZE :: Int
            , pc_PROF_HDR_SIZE :: Int
            , pc_BLOCK_SIZE :: Int
    The first field has no use and according to (removed) comments it was to
    make code generator's work easier.. if anything this version is simpler
    because it has less repetition (the commas in strings are gone).
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