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......@@ -145,40 +145,28 @@ $ nix build -f ./. --arg ghc "(import ghc-from-source.nix {ghc-path=$GHC_TREE;})
### GitLab CI
[GHC's GitLab instance]( uses
GitLab CI and `nix` to build a subset of the head.hackage package set using GHC
GitLab CI and the `head-hackage-ci` tool (contained in the `ci/` directory)
to test the `head.hackage` patchset against GHC releases and snapshots.
To run a similar build locally simply download a binary distribution from a
`x86_64-fedora27-linux` CI job and run:
To run a similar build locally start by downloading and installing a binary
distribution appropriate for your distribution and then call the `run-ci` script:
$ export GHC_TARBALL=./ghc-x86_64-fedora27-linux.tar.xz
# for extra correctness assurance...
$ export EXTRA_HC_OPTS=-dcore-lint
$ scripts/
$ ./run-ci
This will build the set of packages defined by the `testedPackages` list in
This will build all packages having patches and produce a textual summary, as
well as a JSON file (`result.json`) describing the outcome.
After building `testedPackages` (allowing for failures) the script job runs
`scripts/`, which produces a few artifacts:
* a JSON summary (`summary.json`) which includes the full dependency graph as
well as which package builds failed
* a DOT graph (``) showing the package depedencies and their build
success. This can be rendered with `scripts/`.
* a directory (`./logs`) of build logs
Note that `` can also be used to build packages not included in
$ scripts/ pandoc
### Hackage repository
[GHC's GitLab instance]( uses
GitLab CI to deploy a Hackage repository with the patches provided by
`head.hackage`. See the [repository]() for usage instructions.
`head.hackage`. See the
[repository]( for usage
### Travis CI
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