1. 08 Aug, 2019 2 commits
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      Patch doctest-0.16.1 to work with GHC HEAD · 8f44b150
      Ryan Scott authored
      This is needed to allow `doctest` to build with GHC HEAD afer commit
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      Remove old patches and update packages with Hackage revisions · 0a89f945
      Ryan Scott authored
      * The patches for `cborg`, `dlist`, and `th-data-compat` were
        removed, since they now have newer versions on Hackage that build
        with GHC HEAD.
      * Additional Hackage revisions for `attoparsec`, `cassava`,
        `hackage-security`, `hedgehog`, `lens`, `streaming`, and `turtle`
        are now on Hackage, so update their checked-in `.cabal` files
        (or if their `.cabal` files haven't been checked in yet, as is
        the case for `streaming`, and `turtle`, check them in now).
  2. 02 Aug, 2019 3 commits
  3. 30 Jul, 2019 1 commit
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      Fix #2 · 758d23c1
      Ryan Scott authored
      This fixes #2 by tweaking `scripts/head.hackage` in two ways:
      1. This changes the script to use
         `cabal new-update head.hackage.ghc.haskell.org`, not
         `cabal new-update head.hackage`, since the former is now the name
         of the `repository`. Since `head.hackage.ghc.haskell.org` is
         referred to in quite a few places in the script, I factored this
         out into its own variable.
      2. This changes the `url` to use `http://`, not `https://`, so that
         `http-transport: plain-http` works properly. An alternative would
         be to keep the use of `https://` and use `http-transport: curl`
         instead, but that assumes the existence of a `curl` binary on
         one's machine, making it a less portable solution. In any case,
         the use of `http://` in this script shouldn't pose any security
         issues, since `hackage-security` already introduces a security
         layer independent of CAs.
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