1. 30 Sep, 2019 1 commit
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      Old patch cleanup, migration · f7d0cf4c
      Ryan Scott authored
      * The patches for `asn1-encoding`, `control-monad-omega`,
        `equivalence`, `hedgehog`, `language-c`, `socks`, `streaming`,
        `turtle`, and `vector-th-unbox` are no longer needed, as the latest
        Hackage versions support GHC 8.8 and HEAD.
      * The patches for `regex-pcre-builtin`, `safecopy`,
        `skylighting-core`, and `texmath` have been migrated to the latest
        Hackage versions.
      * A patch for `vinyl-0.12.0` has been added. This is mostly the same
        as the patch for `vinyl-0.11.0`, except that fewer changes are
        needed, since `vinyl-0.12.0` supports GHC 8.8.
  2. 17 May, 2019 1 commit
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      GHC 8.8-related batch of patches · f2efed98
      Ryan Scott authored
      * Add patches for `HsYAML`, `bencode`, `inline-c`, `pandoc`,
        `regex-pcre-builtin`, `skylighting-core`, `texmath`, and
      * Migrate the `hedgehog` patch to the latest Hackage version.
      * Remove the old `shake` patch. The latest version on Hackage now
        builds with GHC 8.8.
      * Patch `generic-lens` to work around kcsongor/generic-lens#84.
      * The `vinyl` patch is only guarded against GHC 8.9 or later, but
        there is no reason for it not to also apply to GHC 8.8. Indeed,
        `vinyl` fails to build on 8.8 unless this is done.