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    Migrate/remove old patches · 673821b9
    Ryan Scott authored
    * Migrate the patches for `doctest`, `free`, `persistent`, and `yesod-core`
      to the latest versions on Hackage.
    * Remove the patches for `Cabal`, `bytes`, `cabal-doctest`, `ghc-paths`,
      `hsc2hs`, `polyparse`, `singleton-nats`, `tar`, `yaml`, and `zlib`, as
      more recent versions of these packages (that support GHC 8.8 and HEAD)
      are now available on Hackage.
    I opted not to remove the `th-desugar-1.9`/`singletons-2.5.1` patches for
    now, even though they are not the latest Hackage releases, since upgrading
    them can be a nontrivial process (similar to the `primitive-0.6`/`-0.7`
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