Commit 213cb2b0 authored by Ryan Scott's avatar Ryan Scott

Factor out haskell-ci configuration

parent efb556cc
......@@ -148,5 +148,5 @@ script:
# Build without installed constraints for packages in global-db
- if $UNCONSTRAINED; then rm -f cabal.project.local; echo cabal new-build -w ${HC} --disable-tests --disable-benchmarks all; else echo "Not building without installed constraints"; fi
# REGENDATA ["-o",".travis.yml","--ghc-head","--env=7.0.4:NOINSTALLEDCONSTRAINTS=true TEST=--disable-tests BENCH=--disable-benchmarks","--env=7.2.2:TEST=--disable-tests BENCH=--disable-benchmarks","cabal.project"]
# REGENDATA ["--output=.travis.yml","--config=cabal.haskell-ci","cabal.project"]
ghc-head: True
tests: >=7.4
benchmarks: >=7.4
unconstrained: >=7.2
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