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    Adjust normal runtimes for nofib along with related changes · 08cc9b6b
    Andreas Klebinger authored
    Runtime for nofib benchmarks was all over the place.
    This patch adjusts runtime for most benchmarks such
    that it falls into the 0.2-2s range.
    This means that:
    * A default run will take longer
    * Time spent will be better distributed among benchmarks.
    * More benchmarks have runtimes long enough to be used
      for runtime analysis.
    Some more changes were done which go hand in hand
    with changing runtimes.
    * Some benchmarks now create their input files during boot.
    * Moved input files for anna in their own directory.
    * Remove printing of output for some of the floating
      point heavy benchmarks.
    * Added a comment about desired runtimes to README.
    * Made grep actually benchmark something.
    * Throw cachgrind out of the default benchmarks.
      The nondeterministic behaviour has been an issue for a
      while and it doesn't seem like an essential benchmark.
    Test Plan: run nofib in modes slow/normal/fast
    Reviewers: O26 nofib, alpmestan
    Reviewed By: alpmestan
    Subscribers: sgraf, alpmestan
    Differential Revision: https://phabricator.haskell.org/D4989
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