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Updated for a 2.05ish world
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This is the root directory of the "NoFib Haskell benchmark suite";
version 2.01 (to match our other Glasgow functional-programming
version 2.05 (to match our other Glasgow functional-programming
The main change between version 0.26 and 2.01 is that the programs
have been converted to Haskell 1.3 (insofar as I could be bothered).
The main change between version 2.01 and 2.05 is that the programs
have been converted to Haskell 1.4.
We have yet to release the NoFib stuff as we intended -- everything
tidied up -- because it's a lot of work for very few brownie points.
......@@ -18,7 +18,7 @@ all, the copyright for the individual programs remains with their
authors (unless they have explicitly said otherwise). Second, we (the
Glasgow Haskell project at University of Glasgow) retain the copyright
to any changes made to the programs *and* to the collection of
programs itself. Third, for 2.01, it would be dishonest to suggest
programs itself. Third, for 2.05, it would be dishonest to suggest
that any results are related to the still-in-the-future "NoFib
benchmark suite". So please do not make any such claims.
......@@ -30,9 +30,6 @@ of this suite.
The file BUILDING provides some direction about setting up the suite,
in order to run it. [NOTE: doesn't exist yet; see sketchy notes below]
The file BUGS is a list of things we *know* are not right [ALSO
VIRTUALLY USELESS]. Help would be most welcome...
You may sent comments or bug reports about this suite either to the
Glasgow Haskell bugs list <>.
They will be most welcome.
......@@ -49,30 +46,30 @@ and try it :-)
Doing things properly
* Run: ./configure --enable-nofib --disable-ghc --with-hc={ghc*,glhc*,hbc*,nhc*}
* This version of nofib only supports ghc-2.05, so if you try to use
other versions of GHC or different Haskell systems, you're going to
run into some obstacles.
* Your "mkworld" project id is "nofib" (surprise, surprise). You must
also pick a "setup" for your "nofib project".
* Plop the nofib distribution inside the Glasgow fptools suite, i.e.,
unpack nofib at the toplevel at the same level as directories such as
ghc/ and glafp-utils/.
There are three available, one per compiler tried so far: hbc, ghc,
and nhc.
* Have a look in mk/ to see what variables control the nofib setup.
If you want to change these, put the new settings for them in the build-specific
setup file, mk/
* Once you've decided on a setup, edit
nofib/mkworld/site-nofib-<setup>.jm. "SetupHcOpts" should be set to
the compiler options that should be applied absolutely always (if
nofib/mkworld/ is a nice simple example.
* Run ./configure
* You should be ready to go. "cd" to the very top directory and type:
* Assuming you haven't built the compiler, you will need to do that first.
Type "make boot" (or whatever make is called on your system)
followed by "make all".
* cd nofib/
This should configure and build the mkworld, literate, and
glafp-utils infrastructure, and configure the nofib stuff itself.
* Ready the nofib suite for some use, by running `make boot', which
takes care of creating Makefile dependendencies.
* If that works -- and you'll know if it did -- then do:
* If all that worked -- and you'll know if it did -- then do:
% cd nofib
% make -k >& make.log # to compile everything; save log for study
% make -k runtests >& runtests.log # also for study
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