Commit 4445d7b9 authored by's avatar

Default to 'ghc' rather than '$(HC)' for BOOT_HC

It's likely that $(HC) won't have all the packages installed that
we need to compile nofib-analyse. Whatever ghc is in the path is a
better bet.
parent a0d10e46
......@@ -94,7 +94,38 @@ endif
MKDEPENDHS := $(HC) # ToDo: wrong, if $(HC) isn't GHC.
BOOT_HC := $(HC)
# We need a GHC that can build nofib-analyse. $(HC) will often be a
# freshly built compiler, without the necessary packages installed,
# so it isn't a good bet. Just using plain 'ghc' seems like our best
# bet to find a suitable compiler.
ifeq "$(BOOT_HC)" ""
BOOT_HC = ghc
# We want to support both "ghc" and "/usr/bin/ghc" as values of BOOT_HC
# passed in by the user, but
# which ghc == /usr/bin/ghc
# which /usr/bin/ghc == /usr/bin/ghc
# so on unix-like platforms we can just always 'which' it.
# However, on cygwin, we can't just use which:
# $ which c:/ghc/ghc-7.4.1/bin/ghc.exe
# which: no ghc.exe in (./c:/ghc/ghc-7.4.1/bin)
# so we start off by using realpath, and if that succeeds then we use
# that value. Otherwise we fall back on 'which'.
# Note also that we need to use 'override' in order to override a
# value given on the commandline.
BOOT_HC_REALPATH := $(realpath $(BOOT_HC))
ifeq "$(BOOT_HC_REALPATH)" ""
override BOOT_HC := $(shell which '$(BOOT_HC)')
ifeq "$(BOOT_HC)" ""
$(error Could not find BOOT_HC)
define get-ghc-rts-field # $1 = result variable, $2 = field name
$1 := $$(shell '$$(HC)' +RTS --info | grep '^ .("$2",' | tr -d '\r' | sed -e 's/.*", *"//' -e 's/")$$$$//')
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