Commit 55e631bf authored by sof's avatar sof
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[project @ 1996-12-17 21:14:31 by sof]

Renamed Aux.hs to Auxil.hs
parent cc413575
module Aux where
module Auxil where
import Key
TOP = ../../..
PROG = cichelli
SRCS = Key.lhs Aux.hs Interval.hs Prog.hs Main.hs
SRCS = Key.lhs Auxil.hs Interval.hs Prog.hs Main.hs
include $(TOP)/nofib/mk/
......@@ -6,7 +6,7 @@ module Prog(prog) where
-- sequential
--partain:import Libfuns
import Aux
import Auxil
import Key
prog :: String -> String
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