Commit 6f07f40f authored by tibbe's avatar tibbe

Refactor fasta Makefile

parent 453d2e43
......@@ -16,9 +16,6 @@ HC_OPTS += -O2 -XBangPatterns -XOverloadedStrings -package bytestring
# Create output to validate against
# FIXME: You have to run make twice for the runstdtest.prl script to
# find the various stdout files correctly.
fasta-c : fasta-c.o
gcc $< -o $@
......@@ -31,21 +28,21 @@ fasta.stdout : fasta-c
fasta.slowstdout : fasta-c
./fasta-c $(SLOW_OPTS) > $@
STDOUT_FILES = fasta.faststdout fasta.stdout fasta.slowstdout
# Since the stdout files are created during the run the runstdtest
# script doesn't correctly pick them up, so we have to specify them
# explicitly here.
ifeq "$(mode)" "slow"
SRC_RUNTEST_OPTS += -o1 fasta.slowstdout
STDOUT_FILE = fasta.slowstdout
ifeq "$(mode)" "fast"
SRC_RUNTEST_OPTS += -o1 fasta.faststdout
STDOUT_FILE = fasta.faststdout
SRC_RUNTEST_OPTS += -o1 fasta.stdout
STDOUT_FILE = fasta.stdout
all boot :: $(STDOUT_FILES)
all boot :: $(STDOUT_FILE)
include $(TOP)/mk/
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