Commit 7bca0577 authored by simonm's avatar simonm
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[project @ 1998-06-29 10:18:03 by simonm]

add current results for fft2:
  - fft2.stdout  is for i386-unknown-freebsd
  - fft2.stdout2 is for i386-unknown-linux
parent 919a9dce
result1 = 2.6710892656722155e-12
result2 = 2.6710892656722155e-12
result3 = 4.8319918732886435e-8
result1 = 2.649890074691411e-12
result2 = 2.649890074691411e-12
result3 = 4.829354338653502e-8
result1 = 2.65193921505278e-12
result2 = 2.65193921505278e-12
result3 = 4.829354338653502e-8
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