Commit 7c55a927 authored by rrt's avatar rrt

[project @ 2001-01-18 14:59:34 by rrt]

Merge fixes from ghc-4-07-branch
parent 4779b74c
......@@ -5,7 +5,5 @@ SRCS = BinConv.hs BinTest.hs Decode.hs Defaults.hs Encode.hs Main.hs PTTrees.hs
Lzw_HC_OPTS = -cpp
SRC_RUNTEST_OPTS += -i ../../spectral/hartel/listcompr/listcompr.stdout
include $(TOP)/mk/
This diff is collapsed.
result1 = 2.292037151849622e-12
result2 = 2.292037151849622e-12
result3 = 4.829354338653502e-8
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