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[project @ 1997-05-19 00:30:06 by sof]

Polymorphic recursion tst
parent 8855b562
{- This module tests that we can ge polymorphic recursion
of overloaded functions. GHC 2.02 produced the following
bogus error:
tmp.lhs:1: A group of type signatures have mismatched contexts
Abf.a :: (PrelBase.Ord f{-aX6-}) => ...
Abf.b :: (PrelBase.Ord f{-aX2-}) => ...
This was due to having more than one type signature for one
group of recursive functions.
module Main( main ) where
a :: (Ord f) => f
a = b
b :: (Ord f) => f
b = a
main = putStrLn "OK"
TOP = ../..
include $(TOP)/mk/
include $(TOP)/mk/
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