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Add notes about rewrite

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......@@ -63,7 +63,26 @@ specialisation is broken.
It's important to inline p_ident
It's important to inline p_ident.
There's a very delicate CSE in p_expr
p_expr = seQ q_op [p_term1, p_op, p_term2] ## p_term3
(where all the pterm1,2,3 are really just p_term).
This expands into
p_expr s = case p_term1 s of
Nothing -> p_term3 s
Just (v,s') -> case p_op s' of ...
Nothing -> p_term3 s
Notice that if the bit before (##) fails, we call p_term3 s, and if
CSE notices we can re-use the result of the first call. But that
depends on how much inlining takes place. In particular, the follow-up
calls p_term3 can get hidden inside join points, which don't "see" the first
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